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Ethyl Iodide

Ethyl iodide is generally known as Iodo ethane Ethyl iodide is offered in dark amber colored glass bottles to prevent its degradation by light. It is stabilized by Copper wire or Silver Wool It is used mainly used as an ethylating agent in Organic synthesis.Ethyl Iodide it is used in various applications. In production of Pharmaceutical intermediates as Pharmaceutical raw-materials, in synthesis of Bulk drug intermediates. As a Specialty chemicals in production of many Performance Chemicals.

Product Ethyl Iodide
CAS No. 75-03-06
Molecular formula C2H5I
Molecular weight 155.98
Description Clear Colorless Heavy liquid
Assay (GC, area %) Min. 98.5 %
Density (20 0C) 1.910 – 1.940 g/cm3

Maximum Limits of Impurities

Ethanol (as CH3CH2OH) 0.5 %
Free Acid (as HI) 0.1 %