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Methyl-2 Iodobenzoate

2-Iodobenzoic Acid, methyl ester; 2-Iodobenzoic Acid is a starting material for the preparation of iodosobenzoate, selectivity and environment management. Trivalent iodine compounds perform mild oxidations, oxidative couplings, special iodinations and acetoxylations. Iodobenzoates are used as anti-infective, contraceptive agent and x-ray contrast medium for diagnostic radiology.

Product Methyl Iodobenzoate
CAS No. 610-97-9
Molecular formula C8H7IO2
Molecular weight 261.9
Description Clear Colorless Solution
Assay (by GC) Min. 98 %
Solubility Miscible in alcohol, ether

Maximum Limits of Impurities

Moisture content Max. 0.5 %