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Sodium Metaperiodate

Sodium Metaperiodate known as Sodium salt of Periodic Acid, is available in white crystalline powder form, soluble in water [solubility in water: 14.4% @ 25°c]. It has Molecular Formula NaIO4. It is prepared industrially by oxidation of Sod. Iodate with Sodium hypochlorite. It is used as an Oxidizing agent in organic synthesis.

Product Sodium Metaperiodate
CAS No. 7790-28-5
Molecular formula NaIO4
Molecular weight 213.9
Description White fine Crystalline Powder
Assay ( Iodometric, Dry basis ) 99.0 to 100.5 %
pH of 5% w/v Solution in water 4 to 4.5

Maximum Limits of Impurities

Loss on drying, 105 0C, 2 hours 0.5 %
Bromide, chlorate & chloride (as Cl) 0.02 %
Sulphate (as SO4) 0.01 %
Manganese (as Mn) 0.0003 %