ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Quality Policy

We do quality check of the raw materials, semi-finished products, in-process checks and finished products that follow good laboratory practices by qualified and approved chemists. With an inherent process management system in place, we have internalised the modules and methodologies to impart training to the quality control and management team frequently. A consolidated systemic functioning assures utmost concentration; attention and optimum grade quality products.

  • Uncompromised focus towards control and consistency of quality products keep up with the international standards of product manufacture and treatment.
  • Quality control, forecast of customer support in terms of Sales & Production and Packaging.
  • The processes well-managed with the help of a qualified team empowered with essential and necessary infrastructure, and technological support.
  • Quality and maintenance system in place to meet quality, safety and reliability standards.
  • Manufacturing processes strictly adhere and comply with the norms, technical standards and statutory requirements, realising the importance of the requirements of our API manufacturers.
  • Continual training methodologies for perfection and effective outcome of the product.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all the aspects of manufacturing process, equipment cleaning, maintenance, standardisation/validation of lab, plant equipments, instruments, to achieve optimum quality & consistency; they are not changed, and will remain the same.
Process and Quality Control

We follow a standardised process that is recognised by all the institutions and international repository bodies for quality maintenance, hygiene conditions and material processing. They are done under the meticulous and diligent supervision of a team of experts who comprise extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of SOPs of the products.